I’m a Creative Director and Brand Designer with a strong strategic approach, I have a vision to partner up with founders and creatives to bring big ideas to life, ideas to empower individuals and make the world a better place to live and coexist.

I have a personal interest in psychology and consumer behaviour, which truly motivates my passion for brands - what they say, how they visually say it and why people gravitate to them.

My creative process starts with one main goal in mind —understanding who is/would be your ideal customer. Starting with a foundation of research, what drives them? What are their beliefs and values? Which other companies are they buying from? eliminates assumptions and produces great results. This initial time investment is as important if not more than the visual process itself.

I like working in team with founders, defining their startup vision, discovering their core values and creating their strategy as much as I like translating all into a strong visual personality that sets the foundations to build trust and connect with customers & investors. On bigger projects I’m happy to work as a producer and lead as a creative director, build a team by bringing the right people together, manage budgets and make sure deadlines are met.

In my spare time, you’ll find me doing yoga, experimenting with brush-lettering and running a network called Ladies, Wine & Design Newcastle, where we have monthly design talks, workshops and occasional parties to foster female creatives and boost the numbers of leaders in the design industry.

Happy to discuss your project, I’m just an email away!