I'm a Creative Strategist and Designer. I have a vision to partner up with kick-ass founders and creatives to bring brands to life, brands to empower individuals and make the world a better place to live and coexist.

I’m truly motivated by brands - what they say, how they visually say it, why people gravitate to them - which I think stems back to personal interest in psychology and consumer behaviour to some degree.

I see myself as an independent brand designer who helps startups build brands with a strong conceptual and strategic approach. I like to be an enabler between analytical and creative minds, and get the best out of both sides by working in team with founders developing and defining their business story.

In my spare time, I love doing yoga, experimenting with brush-lettering and run a community called Ladies, Wine & Design Newcastle, where we have monthly events in Baltic39, design workshops, and occasional parties to foster female creatives, champion each other’s work and boost the numbers of female leaders in the design industry. 

If it sounds like we are a good fit, I can't wait to hear from you and build an amazing brand together!