I’m a Creative Director and Brand Designer with a strong strategic approach, I have a vision to partner up with founders and creatives to bring ideas to life, ideas to empower individuals and make the world a better place to live and coexist.

I have a personal interest in psychology and consumer behaviour, which truly motivates my passion for brands - what they say, how they visually say it and why people gravitate to them. My creative process starts with one main goal in mind —understanding who is/would be your ideal customer. Starting with a foundation of research, what drives them? What are their beliefs and values? Which other companies are they buying from? eliminates assumptions and produces great results.

In my spare time, you’ll find me doing yoga, experimenting with brush-lettering and running a network called Ladies, Wine & Design Newcastle, where we have monthly design talks, workshops and occasional parties to foster female creatives and boost the numbers of leaders in the design industry.


If you are in the early stage, building the right brand foundations is key, it will not only save you time, energy and money, but will build momentum on creating a strong brand and help with future business decision. I can help you gain focus and put the right stuff together to get you started, to define who you are, what you do and most importantly why you do it to connect emotionally with the right audience. Simplicity is my motto, making what looks complex, easy to improve experiences, is what drives my design work.


Brands are not static, today’s brands are in constant need to change and evolve, when building the right foundations this changes usually tend to flow naturally over time. If you are a established startup willing to climb that next step, rethinking your brand experience, making sure you have solid foundations in place and communicate clearly who you are is key to build brand love and customer loyalty. I’ll be happy to work in collaboration with your team to find weaknesses, strengths and ways to improve your brand perception.

Happy to discuss your project, I’m just an email away!